What Does XXX Mean?

You will have seen xxx porn hub and xxx sex videos, xxx movies and xxx videos, all advertised online. However, how much do you really know about what it all means? The phrase ‘XXX’ is commonly used in the sex industry, but few people really understand why. It refers to there being explicit adult content, covering anything pornographic or sexual. So, if xxx is used to describe something, it means it’s for adults only. This is why free xxx movies and rule 34 xxx are usually pornographic or explicit in some way.

Red light district xxx

Many years ago, you would have seen xxx in Soho and other key areas of London. This is because Soho was The red light district, the hub for all things adult, and xxx was used to show everyone where you could find explicit material, sex shops and street prostitutes. Even today is still a place with high concentration sex-oriented businesses. Now, finding pornographic and adult content is easy to find using the internet. But, before the internet and smartphones were invented, people had to head to red light districts to find what they were looking for. For those in London, that was Soho. As times have changed, you are more likely to see xxx online than you are in person.

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