Femdom mistress

Femdom mistress is one of the top escort services Mademoiselle agency provides to regular clients. We have girls for every taste. And if you are looking for a VIP femdom mistress we have a couple of specialists to suggest. The term femdom means female domination, dominant mistress or dominatrix. That means female takes a dominant role in the BDSM activities. What does BDSM mean? It means erotic practices, for instance, bondage, discipline, roleplaying, cross-dressing. But mainly dominance, submission and sadomasochism.

Dominatrix Donatella

I always recommend Donatella first whenever clients request domination service. Donatella knows how to take charge of your meeting in a safe and discreet environment. She will make you submit to her wishes and stimulate your senses with her domination skills. This forceful and beautiful girl knows exactly what you want and need. Whatever your kink or fetish you can be brutally honest with her and she will happily fulfil them all.

Elite femdom mistress Cassandra

Cassandra has many specialities and being a mistress is one of them. She is like a geisha, beautiful and very skilful in entertaining and satisfying every a man. Whenever you are looking for a dominatrix, tantric masseuse or fetish specialist she is the one. I stopped being surprised that clients who booked her for an hour meeting are staying overnight. Also if you want to experience something new Cassandra is your girl.

Top London escort agency

Booking the femdom mistress with Mademoiselle is very simple. Just give us a call and we will respond rapidly to your needs. Mademoiselle escort agency website is brand new. Nevertheless, our team have over ten years of experience in running Top London escort agency.

Finally Mademoiselle agency is constantly looking for new talents. If you are a girl who thinks she has what it takes to become one of our Mademoiselle please get in touch.

How did I become a London mistress?

London Mistress Chloe

My name is Chloe and I am the London Mistress. Of course, I never planned to become a mistress but I love what I do and the lifestyle I have achieved. Originally I was born in Brazil, San Paolo and no I did not have a bad life there at all. I always loved math and I thought I knew what I wanted to do, being a math teacher. So when I finished university I become a teacher in high school and I simply enjoyed my life. Nevertheless, something was missing I wanted something more. At the time I did not know what exactly I am searching for but I knew I want to travel. Go somewhere, do something exciting. Also deep down I always wanted to be famous and in the spotlight.

How my destiny has revealed itself

It all started when one of the paparazzi took a picture of me at the airport while I was changing clothes. So everyone started talking about me and I started getting a modelling proposition which I happily accepted. Then Some Playboy magazine from Brazil. Later other countries like Italy Portal started approaching me. It was not that I wasn’t aware that I am sexy and good looking but I did not know then that I will be become a Playboy bunny not to mention high-class London mistress.

Life becomes one big adventure

I am on my path, I started travelling a lot around the world and London was only one of my destinations. My favourite places now are New York, Milan, Paris and of course my current home town Great London. I just love London so much that I can not imagine I could live elsewhere. So during one of my modelling sessions in the UK, my agent friend told me that I could make much more money providing escort services. Not that I did not have money to survive. But although I was on magazine covers I was not making much for being a photo model. I am curvy, busty and not so tall for being a catwalk but a magazine for men and many fashion brands adore me having them in their magazines.

Officially London call girl

After being introduced to private madame Bella I was shocked that I get paid £1000 for a 1-hour meeting with a nice gentleman. After few months I found that the career of an exclusive escort model is short. Likewise a career of a catwalk model. Premium escort life ended and I joined elite London escort agencies still charging a lot £600 for the first hour. I learn how to be a perfect mistress and I am an excellent femdom mistress.
A call girl is the best word I think because I need to be constantly on the phone and ready in minutes. No that’s not correct I do not need I want to in order to be successful in the escort business. Some girls do escort jobs occasionally and that’s ok but not for me.

Top London mistress
London Mistress

You can call me however you want an escort, prostitute but I like to be called London Mistress. Why do I like London mistress the most? Firstly because I am mostly based in London. Secondly among all the escort services I provide, companionship, party, I like the most domination, latex clothes and being called a Mistress.

Mademoiselle agency is one of my favourite agencies because I have a long and trustful relationship with the owners. They have a great clients base and I provide excellent services so cooperation goes very smoothly.
You can find my profile on the Mademoiselle agency gallery and please do not get me wrong I enjoy being an escort and provide a wide range of escort services. My incall location is in South Kensington and I can be anywhere in zone 1 within 20 to 30 minutes. In conclusion, I am available for last minutes booking during the day and night and will do my best to satisfy you.

Your London Mistress