Escorts in Soho

Escorts in Soho are an icon for the London sex industry. Soho is famous for being a red-light district or pleasure district. There is a high concentration of sex workers and sex-orientated businesses like sex shops, strip clubs and massage parlours. Although, Soho red-light district, is internationally known and one of the main tourist attractions of London, it was not like this before. As the research says, the first brothel was opened in 1778. And since the 19th century, it was home to street prostitutes, male prostitutes and secret gay venues. By the early 1960s, there were RED LIGHTS everywhere. Every entrance seemed to be a strip club, whorehouse, sex cinema or sex shop selling magazines and sex home movies. The general public was avoiding this area. It meant that whoever was there, was either providing some sex-related services or were looking for some excitement. 

Soho escorts

Let’s talk about the present moment because we have some most amazing VIP escorts in Soho. Most Soho escorts are English escort girls who think it is amazing to be part of the history and provide high-end escort services in such a place. I must say that I love Soho for its uniqueness. If you never explored this area you do not know what you are missing. Quite often I felt like I was back in time. Because there is Soho community that is making sure Soho does not change much. Nevertheless, they can not stop the time. Certainly, they can not stop mainstream companies open shops, restaurants and high-end boutiques. Also, the gay community feels comfortable in Soho because it is so camp. 

An Escort agency in Soho

Wouldn’t it be great if we could operate as the Escort agency in Soho? We could be regarded as a high-end Soho walk-up. Just imagine the Mademoiselle brothel building on Brewers street, with a huge entrance sign ‘HIGH-CLASS MODELS INSIDE‘ :). 

Red paper walls with Madame Bella at the reception would be a must. Not to mention, you could pick your favourite Soho escort in person. 

How about that???


Interesting concept from movies but in truth, we have a tiny selection of elite escorts in Soho. Usually, our British girls move there for a short period of time, mainly just for fun. Mademoiselle escort agency operates as an online companionship booking agency and does not provide Soho walk-up. Also, our escort agency is not involved in arranging models accommodations. 

  • The Soho walk-up were flats in Soho, that were used by female sex workers for the purposes of prostitution. Often they were located on the upper floors, above shops and accessed by a staircase from the entrance on the street.