Escort Service

Mademoiselle is a premium escort agency that is professional and aims to provide the best escort service for every client. Our escorts are versatile in terms of their career, experience, and goals. Some are students, others the models you’ve seen gracing commercials in your local stations, others are career women, and others in it for the fun of it.
And you need not be deceived by their natural beauty, infectious smiles, or curves in all the right places; their experience spans years of perfection, all geared towards satisfying the very needs you would rather shyly admit in your wildest dreams.

Why Choose Mademoiselle London escort service?

The multitude of agencies all promising to deliver nothing short of needs can be confusing. And we know this too well. We have been in your shoes, and we know how difficult it is to pick A over B. This is why we go a step further to mark some key boxes, including;

Guaranteed Satisfaction
Forget the cheap sales-driven marketing of satisfaction. Ours is tried and proven. You see, before finding our agency, we often sought companionship from the so-called Elite escort agencies that left a dent in our pockets. Our expectations were average, our needs manageable, and our appetite, well, let’s say normal.

But guess what, not one single agency lived to those standards. We often left feeling cheated and short-changed.

This is why we took it upon ourselves to sample from far and wide, to get you only the best. Be it petite, curvy, naughty, reserved, outgoing, knowledgeable, red-haired to milfs, we have it all.


Our motto is simple, we can’t kiss and tell. You see, every other person deserves a way to relax those aching joints and muscles. To wish away the evening or night in the hands of a beautiful damsel that will expertly suck out that restrained energy within you.

We have a detailed NDA with all our London Escorts to give you that emotional and physical relief. The NDA explicitly deters them from divulging the details of what they do with our clients.

So with us, you can be sure that not even the walls will ever tell what you had. In fact, we’ve never seen or heard from you.

Diversity of escort girls

escort service

It packs everything your wildest imagination can conceive. From curvaceous courtesans to petite blondes, flexible models to students well-versed in seduction art, we have it all and then more. Forget the standard escort service that scratches the surface; our luxurious threat offers the best money can buy. Simply tell us which escort service you want, and we will match your needs with our deliciously beautiful escorts that will meet your very unique needs.

Their diversity is as vast as their knowledge and experience. They come in all shapes and sizes. Their one desire is to give you an immersive and exceptional experience that is equivalent to your worth. But worth, in this case, isn’t about your color, race, wallet, or any material measure; it is the pursuit of pleasure and stunning companionship.

Dinner Date escort service

Remember that romantic movie you saw a couple have a candlelit dinner in the open field? Forget that, we have something better. Our dinner escort service is for the chosen few. This select tier of escorts is made of ladies that have travelled far and wide, they have sampled the finest international cuisines.

Their extensive rich palette oozes privilege and knowledge. And do not get us started with their vast knowledge, they have what it takes to hold intelligent conversations, narrate intriguing escapades but still seductively take in all your romantic gestures.

In their numerous cuisine excursions, they have had the chance to sample from exquisite 5 star hotels to traditional cuisines in London’s top restaurants. To refine these experiences, the escorts also watch numerous programs about international cuisines. For London’s personalized touch, the constantly visit Michelin star hotels where they sample innovative menus prepared by top-rated chefs.

So if you wish to explore the wonders London or the world has to offer, book a dinner date escort with Mademoiselle London agency. Their escort’s classy, sophisticated yet brilliant demeanor is a great way to experience a dinner with a difference.

Masseuse service

Are you looking to invigorate your body? Or do you simply want to forget the daily stress that accompanies your tight schedule? Or are you simply out to explore and sample what London has to offer? Whichever your reason is, we’ve got you. Say hello to our body relaxing, stress banishing and soul invigorating Masseuse service.

Our masseuse therapists brings the best London can offer. They have perfected their art with the best there is in the world. Imagine that tension filled body of yours meticulously oiled with non-scented oil, sensually caressed, skillfully seduced to arouse all senses to the point of explosion, then deliberately calmed as different erogenous areas release tension.

It is this one of a kind experience we want you to experience. To explore the unchartered body boundaries. Finally to form a complex connection between your inner energy and the unrivalled overflowing energy from our escort goddess.