What is Escort SEO?

Escort SEO is crucial for any escort agency website or any online adult business. The term SEO refers to search engine optimisation. In other words, it means positioning your website in Google search. SEO helps the website and the business appear prominently on Google.

Why is SEO important for an adult business?

Escort SEO is extremely important! Because the global escort and adult industry is one of the largest and the most competitive online among all industries. If you are not visible online with your adult business you do not have a business. It is as simple as that. I know many escort girls, who were trying to open an agency. No longer than 6 months, they gave up the idea all together. Why? Because they were not willing to invest time in the development of the technical skills required to implement a quality SEO strategy. Also, this industry requires patience in building a strong foundation, not to expect instant gratification.

Can I do Escort SEO myslef?

It is beneficial for every escort business owner to learn how SEO works. You can hire an Escort SEO Specialist or an Adult SEO Agency. Nevertheless, if you do not know the basics. You can end up keep investing and never become visible online. I worked with many SEO Freelancers and SEO agencies. Surprisingly some of them know less about Google positioning than I do. Also, they have a huge list of clients and will not give any additional attention to your business, then necessary. That is why I highly recommend taking at least a beginner SEO course for business owners. Once you know how SEO works you will be able to evaluate the work of the Adult SEO agency or Escort SEO specialist. Positioning on Google is not Magic. It comes down to following a few simple rules and doing the work consistently.

SEO updates

Regardless of how many Google Algorithm Updates are announced. The most important things never change, so you do not need to worry about constant SEO skill development. Google aims is to stop the deliberate manipulation of search engine indexes. The changes in the Google Spider are more about what not to do and what will not work anymore. As many SEO experts and SEO companies are coming up with more clever, but risky tactics to get Google to crawl and index websites more often. Unfortunately to these SEO Gurus, Google spider is always one step ahead and it is easy to be penalised. Firstly, the most common mistake is over-optimizing your website. The second unforgivable SEO sin is creating a huge amount of spammy links. In the best-case scenario, Google will simply ignore your spammy links or fake web traffic.

Can I run an escort agency without SEO?

I think you know the answer by now. The vast majority of clients interested in escort services use Google search to point them in the right direction. If your escort agency or the independent escort profile page does not land in the search results on page 1. Then is it unlikely you will get any clients through your website. And here comes Escort SEO, which focuses on the relevant keywords rankings. In other words, search words and terms of relevance and value for your business. To rank higher than your competitions, you need to focus on your market niche. It is pointless to aim for the most popular keywords like London escorts. The best practice is to narrow your key phrases not only to the country, region or the city but a specific area like South Kensington or Knightsbridge.

When should I start with SEO?

The SEO strategy should be your priority, even before building the website. Your escort site should be designed and planned in terms of SEO. Our Mademoiselle team has years of experience in the escort industry and online marketing. This is why we constantly expanding and adding new blog posts and additional pages. Despite our vast experience in Escort SEO, we have a number of SEO specialists. As it is a never-ending and ongoing process for each and every successful and well-established escort agency. It is quite common that escort agencies are having many categories like Location, beauty type or a specific escort service. Only because visibility is a top priority for the escort industry.
Here are some examples of specially designed categories that help with online ranking.

Blonde escorts
Brunette escorts
Busty escorts
A Level escorts
Femdom escorts
Bisexual escorts
Duo escorts
Party girls
Teen escorts

How much does Adult SEO cost?

It all depends on your budget and the experience of the SEO professionals. It can be as cheap or expensive as you want it to be. However, how long you need to wait for the results can vary accordingly. Online marketing is a strategic approach with a long term focus, there are no miraculous results overnight. Quality and the most effective escort SEO will secure a stable position on Google. It can take months to bring the number of escort clients you are expecting. With sufficient time, the payoff in organic traffic and revenue can be extraordinary.

You need to take Escort SEO very seriously to become successful in escorting business. Only then you can establish a reputation within the escort industry. Bear in mind that, along with thousands of escort agencies worldwide, there are also thousands if not millions of independent sex workers. And they all aim for the same target audience. It is especially true in the countries like Switzerland, Germany and United Kingdom. Countries in which prostitution and running an escort booking agency is 100% legal.