Teen escorts

How old are teen escorts? Teen escorts are 18 and 19 years old girls. Most of these young escorts are London students. I can assure you we are checking their ID’s, just to be sure that they are not underage. Although they are young, these girls are stunning looking, confident and intelligent. Very quickly, they learn how to be professional escorts and having fun while doing the work.

Escorting can be a dream job for young escorts

Yes, it can be truly rewarding for a young girl to join the high-class escort world. The glamorous world of escorting has a lot of benefits. Firstly it is financially rewarding like no other job the teen girl can do. Aside from the luxury lifestyle, there are additional benefits such as meeting top men from every industry. One moment you could meet a famous actor, another time a world greater leader. How about meeting an Arabic Sheikh or an international businessman. As a result, students escorts are meeting influential and successful individuals that they would never meet in normal life.

How much do teen escorts earn?

It all depends on the model and how motivated she is. The earning potential is endless for these girls who are serious about making money. Call girl occupation can be extremely lucrative. Elite London escorts charge £600 for a one-hour meeting and an overnight fee is £3500. If she is booked for a bespoke international trip then we are talking about dozen of thousands of pounds. There is no easier way to earn a luxury living than working as a London escort. Also, this job is so flexible that every girl who would be a student or professional lady can easily fit in her schedule.

How to become an elite escort girl?

The best way to become an elite escort is to join a Premium London escort agency like Mademoiselle. A genuine escort agency offers protection because it is careful with selecting customers. Usually, a proper agency has regular clients using escort services for years. Another way is to become an independent escort. However, I strongly advise teen girls do not start on their own. It is best to be guided and use the experience of the professional escort services provider.

Mademoiselle has the best teen escorts you can find on the London escort market. And it is so refreshing for clients to have a date with an attractive and smart young girl. Clients can feel like teenagers again in a company of a young escort girl. It can be a remarkable and unforgettable experience.

teen escorts
Mademoiselle’s Top teenager escorts

Veronica is Italian 18 years old girl who came to London to learn English at the university. She is not only beautiful, but she also has a warm, caring personality. In terms of look, she is petite, curvy with breast size 34DD and shiny black long hair. I highly recommend our university escort to everyone who is looking for a real girlfriend experience.

Brooke is 19 years old English goddess. This model looking girl is 5’8 tall has blonde hair and has sky blue eyes. Born and raised in Cambridge she decided she wants to study in the Capital. She can be an asset for any type of social gathering and exclusive entertainment.

Mademoiselle agency is a specialist in providing exclusive escort entertainment.

Escort Service

Mademoiselle is a premium escort agency that is professional and aims to provide the best escort service for every client. Our escorts are versatile in terms of their career, experience, and goals. Some are students, others the models you’ve seen gracing commercials in your local stations, others are career women, and others in it for the fun of it.
And you need not be deceived by their natural beauty, infectious smiles, or curves in all the right places; their experience spans years of perfection, all geared towards satisfying the very needs you would rather shyly admit in your wildest dreams.

Why Choose Mademoiselle London escort service?

The multitude of agencies all promising to deliver nothing short of needs can be confusing. And we know this too well. We have been in your shoes, and we know how difficult it is to pick A over B. This is why we go a step further to mark some key boxes, including;

Guaranteed Satisfaction
Forget the cheap sales-driven marketing of satisfaction. Ours is tried and proven. You see, before finding our agency, we often sought companionship from the so-called Elite escort agencies that left a dent in our pockets. Our expectations were average, our needs manageable, and our appetite, well, let’s say normal.

But guess what, not one single agency lived to those standards. We often left feeling cheated and short-changed.

This is why we took it upon ourselves to sample from far and wide, to get you only the best. Be it petite, curvy, naughty, reserved, outgoing, knowledgeable, red-haired to milfs, we have it all.


Our motto is simple, we can’t kiss and tell. You see, every other person deserves a way to relax those aching joints and muscles. To wish away the evening or night in the hands of a beautiful damsel that will expertly suck out that restrained energy within you.

We have a detailed NDA with all our London Escorts to give you that emotional and physical relief. The NDA explicitly deters them from divulging the details of what they do with our clients.

So with us, you can be sure that not even the walls will ever tell what you had. In fact, we’ve never seen or heard from you.

Diversity of escort girls

escort service

It packs everything your wildest imagination can conceive. From curvaceous courtesans to petite blondes, flexible models to students well-versed in seduction art, we have it all and then more. Forget the standard escort service that scratches the surface; our luxurious threat offers the best money can buy. Simply tell us which escort service you want, and we will match your needs with our deliciously beautiful escorts that will meet your very unique needs.

Their diversity is as vast as their knowledge and experience. They come in all shapes and sizes. Their one desire is to give you an immersive and exceptional experience that is equivalent to your worth. But worth, in this case, isn’t about your color, race, wallet, or any material measure; it is the pursuit of pleasure and stunning companionship.

Dinner Date escort service

Remember that romantic movie you saw a couple have a candlelit dinner in the open field? Forget that, we have something better. Our dinner escort service is for the chosen few. This select tier of escorts is made of ladies that have travelled far and wide, they have sampled the finest international cuisines.

Their extensive rich palette oozes privilege and knowledge. And do not get us started with their vast knowledge, they have what it takes to hold intelligent conversations, narrate intriguing escapades but still seductively take in all your romantic gestures.

In their numerous cuisine excursions, they have had the chance to sample from exquisite 5 star hotels to traditional cuisines in London’s top restaurants. To refine these experiences, the escorts also watch numerous programs about international cuisines. For London’s personalized touch, the constantly visit Michelin star hotels where they sample innovative menus prepared by top-rated chefs.

So if you wish to explore the wonders London or the world has to offer, book a dinner date escort with Mademoiselle London agency. Their escort’s classy, sophisticated yet brilliant demeanor is a great way to experience a dinner with a difference.

Masseuse service

Are you looking to invigorate your body? Or do you simply want to forget the daily stress that accompanies your tight schedule? Or are you simply out to explore and sample what London has to offer? Whichever your reason is, we’ve got you. Say hello to our body relaxing, stress banishing and soul invigorating Masseuse service.

Our masseuse therapists brings the best London can offer. They have perfected their art with the best there is in the world. Imagine that tension filled body of yours meticulously oiled with non-scented oil, sensually caressed, skillfully seduced to arouse all senses to the point of explosion, then deliberately calmed as different erogenous areas release tension.

It is this one of a kind experience we want you to experience. To explore the unchartered body boundaries. Finally to form a complex connection between your inner energy and the unrivalled overflowing energy from our escort goddess.

Femdom mistress

Femdom mistress is one of the top escort services Mademoiselle agency provides to regular clients. We have girls for every taste. And if you are looking for a VIP femdom mistress we have a couple of specialists to suggest. The term femdom means female domination, dominant mistress or dominatrix. That means female takes a dominant role in the BDSM activities. What does BDSM mean? It means erotic practices, for instance, bondage, discipline, roleplaying, cross-dressing. But mainly dominance, submission and sadomasochism.

Dominatrix Donatella

I always recommend Donatella first whenever clients request domination service. Donatella knows how to take charge of your meeting in a safe and discreet environment. She will make you submit to her wishes and stimulate your senses with her domination skills. This forceful and beautiful girl knows exactly what you want and need. Whatever your kink or fetish you can be brutally honest with her and she will happily fulfil them all.

Elite femdom mistress Cassandra

Cassandra has many specialities and being a mistress is one of them. She is like a geisha, beautiful and very skilful in entertaining and satisfying every a man. Whenever you are looking for a dominatrix, tantric masseuse or fetish specialist she is the one. I stopped being surprised that clients who booked her for an hour meeting are staying overnight. Also if you want to experience something new Cassandra is your girl.

Top London escort agency

Booking the femdom mistress with Mademoiselle is very simple. Just give us a call and we will respond rapidly to your needs. Mademoiselle escort agency website is brand new. Nevertheless, our team have over ten years of experience in running Top London escort agency.

Finally Mademoiselle agency is constantly looking for new talents. If you are a girl who thinks she has what it takes to become one of our Mademoiselle please get in touch.

Russian escorts

Booking an escort is a very pleasurable activity for our regular and new clients. Our specially designed categories help every client search for the type of girls they seek for instance blonde, brunette, curvy or exotic looking. Some like Latin girls, some only European or a specific nationality.
I have noticed that native Russian men specifically requesting elite Russian girls. In general, whenever a man asking for an Eastern European escort Russian comes on the top. Russian escorts are classy, intelligent and very romantic at the heart. These young ladies have a great sense of style and fashion. I reckon it must be in their culture, on the other hand, they do not need to try hard to appear glamorous. It is not a surprise that they are famous for their beauty around the world.

Russians in the UK

It is known that Russian people love luxury and London is the most preferable destination. Many rich Russians settle down in Central London especially Chelsea and Knightsbridge. All our high-class Russian females are based in prime London locations and enjoy dining in the top restaurants. Mari Vanna in Knightsbridge is the most luxurious, old fashion Russian restaurant and our Russian models love going there for a lunch.

Definition of femininity

If you ever go to Moscow or St Petersburg you would be shocked how many girls walking on the street look like supermodels. Young looking very attractive, sophisticated and confident girls. These women are all-natural, gentle and look much younger than western girls. If you want to ask I can tell you this nation does not need plastic surgeries their beauty is flawless. Russian girls are the definition of femininity and the most popular are blonde with beautiful blue eyes.

Russian escorts

Mademoiselle Alyona

This unique Russian name means ‘bright and shining light.’ It describes her perfectly as she is very friendly and easy-going. 20 years old Alyona loves going out and can dance and drink till morning. The perfect party girl who can offer experience closest to the perfect girlfriend experience.
If you are looking for a Russian duo, Alyona and her friend Tatiana are our number one recommendations. Moreover, both of them enjoy meeting couples.

Mademoiselle Tatiana

Slender body, long legs with the charm of an angel, Tatiana is our Russian superstar. Tatiana has an excellent sense of style with real attention to detail when it comes to her outfits. She likes keeping herself fit and healthy by eating only a plant-based diet and visiting the gym every day. Always perfectly groomed, the sophisticated young lady offers a wide range of companionship services.

Class of a French Courtisane

Elite Russian companions are among the top three of the most requested categories. Mademoiselle agency decided to focus on recruiting top Russian girls as VIP London courtesans. You can find some agencies that offer only Russian call girls like Diva escorts and Real Russian prostitutes. However, our ladies are on a different level. Russian Mademoiselles are charming with an attitude of real French Courtisanes that will impress you. The most efficient way to discuss your requirements is by giving us a call, and we love providing personalised service.

Ebony escorts

Elite Black and ebony escorts are in high demand among VIP escort agencies. Mademoiselle agency is constantly looking for new exotic ladies, and ebony escorts are true gems. Most of our clients have a desire to meet the ebony escort model like Naomi Campbell. I was curious where the word ebony comes from and found out that there is a black tree called an ebony tree.
Did you know that a Black ebony tree can be worth a million dollars? It is the most expensive type of wood. Traditionally was used for charcoal, musical instruments and luxury furniture. Humans were using this wood for centuries, that it is almost extinct due to the slow growth of this tree. There is some similarity to VIP ebony escorts, they are rare diamonds on the market.

What do elite ebony escorts look like?

They come in different shapes and sizes. Some of them are tall and slim, some short and curvy. Apart from their amazing feminine features, they are humorous and sensual. London is multicultural with beautiful black girls from all over the world. Most of the ebony models are descended from Caribbean parents but born in the UK some comes from Africa and Latin America.

Our black escort beauties

Shontelle is a mixed-race escort girl and professional dancer. She was born and raised in France by a Caribbean father and a Japanese mother. Extraordinary looking girl with great fashion taste and the best escort reviews. I would recommend her for any occasion, from one-hour intimate meetings to social gatherings. You can also dance with her in nightclubs or during a private party. Her reviews tell us that she is very engaging in public as well face to face.

Chocolate beauty Cassie

Ebony escorts

Cassie is an English black lady, but her ancestors came from Trinidad and Tobago. Petite girl with natural curves, curly hair and face of an angel. Currently working as a photo model, but in the future wants to become an actress. This sweet looking girl loves escorting jobs, nightclubs and her luxury lifestyle. Her wardrobe is full of sexy lingerie and clothes from the best designers. She has one of the best feedbacks that she is fun, charming and loves what she does. Her list of escort services is endless, a dream come true for every man. In conclusion, she is the perfect dinner date and plays any role you wish.

Do you want to have a truly remarkable experience?

Our Ebony escort gallery has the most beautiful black women you can ever meet. I assure you you will have the most unforgettable meeting with Mademoiselle black beauties. Moreover, they will meet or surpasses your expectations. I can proudly say that we have the best courtesans who are highly talented in the art of making men happy and satisfied. Whatever your preferences, tell us what you are looking for in terms of look, personality and services. Finally, I am 100% that we have a magnificent selection of the best-looking escort girls from every part of the world.

New London escorts

Hello, again I am so pleased to tell you that we have beautiful new London escorts in the gallery. Mademoiselle new sexy chicks will blow your mind once you have a look at their profiles. These teen escort girls are fresh with babyfaces. Although teens they are 18 to 20 years old girls. Below I have written a short description of each Mademoiselle, their look, personality and services they are keen to provide. Mademoiselle is proud to say that it has the best escort girls selection among all agencies in the London escort market. So let me introduce our new ladies.

French New London escorts

Adelle is a new Mademoiselle escort girl and student at one of the top London Universities. She wants to become a doctor and decided to become an escort in her spare time. So get excited, our regular clients and be the first to meet our brand new escort, Adelle.
Only 18 years old, 5’7 tall, all-natural with long curly hair, a slender figure and beautiful legs. Also, she is fun and easy to talk to because her English is excellent, and she is a well-mannered girl.
I would highly recommend Adelle for any social events, dinner dates and intimate meetings at the hotels. This young lady does not have an incall location yet, but we will announce any updates.

English new London escort Mademoiselle Michelle

British escorts are rare treasures among London escorts. I do not understand how come in London British girls are in the minority. But the demand for English and British escorts is so high. Exciting news again we have this gem onboard, and Michelle is stunning looking 20 years old girl. Never before worked as an escort but have a lot of girlfriend experience. Look like a princess with a red her and a perfect figure. Mademoiselle Michelle is available for outcalls to 5-star hotels, international travel and she has a luxury apartment as an incall location in Knightsbridge. Just a few minutes from Harrods on Lexington Gardens.

Sexy new escort Mademoiselle Stephanie

Sweet young new Brazilian escort girl just arrived in the UK to join her older sister. This lovely brunette, like all Latin girls, has amazing curves and a beautiful face. Her English is not that good yet but she is going to study English from next week. Just have a look at her photos and you won’t wait any minute longer to book this beauty for an hour or two. Very open-minded available for outcalls and incalls in her Nell Gwyn House studio flat.

Bulgarian escort Mademoiselle Maya

Maya is an Eastern European girl from Bulgaria. She is only 19 years old, and she is a law student in London. Blonde with blue eyes and a sexy body. She is well-spoken and very open mined. Her list of escort services is quite impressive. She is one of the hottest new London escorts I have seen. And I am sure she will be very popular among the clients. Luckily, she is exclusive with the Mademoiselle escort agency. For sure, I will not let her go to any escort agency for some time. You can book her for incall in her South Molton street apartment, 2 min walk from Bond Street station. Also, she is a party girl, a dominatrix with a great selection of uniforms and sexy outfits. Nevertheless, she is a classy lady who is perfect for dinner dates, holiday trips and exclusive parties.

New London escorts
Mademoiselle Keira – Russian beauty with long legs and babyface

I do not know what Russian girls do that they look so young and so beautiful. Keira is only 20 years old but looks like a young teen girl. Honestly, I had to keep checking her ID if she has one already. This gorgeous Russian goddess is not only one of the new London escorts she is a Premium escort girl.

New London escorts are in constant demand, and I am not surprised. Our clients want to meet new girls every single time. For that reason, the Mademoiselle agency team keep searching for new models and offering the best new London escorts.

How did I become a London mistress?

London Mistress Chloe

My name is Chloe and I am the London Mistress. Of course, I never planned to become a mistress but I love what I do and the lifestyle I have achieved. Originally I was born in Brazil, San Paolo and no I did not have a bad life there at all. I always loved math and I thought I knew what I wanted to do, being a math teacher. So when I finished university I become a teacher in high school and I simply enjoyed my life. Nevertheless, something was missing I wanted something more. At the time I did not know what exactly I am searching for but I knew I want to travel. Go somewhere, do something exciting. Also deep down I always wanted to be famous and in the spotlight.

How my destiny has revealed itself

It all started when one of the paparazzi took a picture of me at the airport while I was changing clothes. So everyone started talking about me and I started getting a modelling proposition which I happily accepted. Then Some Playboy magazine from Brazil. Later other countries like Italy Portal started approaching me. It was not that I wasn’t aware that I am sexy and good looking but I did not know then that I will be become a Playboy bunny not to mention high-class London mistress.

Life becomes one big adventure

I am on my path, I started travelling a lot around the world and London was only one of my destinations. My favourite places now are New York, Milan, Paris and of course my current home town Great London. I just love London so much that I can not imagine I could live elsewhere. So during one of my modelling sessions in the UK, my agent friend told me that I could make much more money providing escort services. Not that I did not have money to survive. But although I was on magazine covers I was not making much for being a photo model. I am curvy, busty and not so tall for being a catwalk but a magazine for men and many fashion brands adore me having them in their magazines.

Officially London call girl

After being introduced to private madame Bella I was shocked that I get paid £1000 for a 1-hour meeting with a nice gentleman. After few months I found that the career of an exclusive escort model is short. Likewise a career of a catwalk model. Premium escort life ended and I joined elite London escort agencies still charging a lot £600 for the first hour. I learn how to be a perfect mistress and I am an excellent femdom mistress.
A call girl is the best word I think because I need to be constantly on the phone and ready in minutes. No that’s not correct I do not need I want to in order to be successful in the escort business. Some girls do escort jobs occasionally and that’s ok but not for me.

Top London mistress
London Mistress

You can call me however you want an escort, prostitute but I like to be called London Mistress. Why do I like London mistress the most? Firstly because I am mostly based in London. Secondly among all the escort services I provide, companionship, party, I like the most domination, latex clothes and being called a Mistress.

Mademoiselle agency is one of my favourite agencies because I have a long and trustful relationship with the owners. They have a great clients base and I provide excellent services so cooperation goes very smoothly.
You can find my profile on the Mademoiselle agency gallery and please do not get me wrong I enjoy being an escort and provide a wide range of escort services. My incall location is in South Kensington and I can be anywhere in zone 1 within 20 to 30 minutes. In conclusion, I am available for last minutes booking during the day and night and will do my best to satisfy you.

Your London Mistress

UK Escort Reviews

What is the purpose of UK escort reviews?

Firstly UK escort reviews help men using escort services to be convenient about how a particular model is performing. Secondly, it helps to check if the escort or escort agency is not using fake images. Finally, escort reviews help agencies to build trust among their clientele.

Where to search for escort feedbacks?

There are lots of forums and specially design UK escort reviews websites. One of the oldest and well-known sites is Capitan69 where you can find worldwide escort reviews. I was amazed at how much data this website has. Capitan69 have info about all escort agency, independent escorts not only from the UK but Europe and other continents. Clients review girls if their photos are real, how they perform, what type of services escort girls provide. You need to become a member in other to get this info. People write very detailed reviews of how they spend their time with the escort that’s why they are hidden from the public. Moreover, there are reviews not only about escort service providers but also booking agencies like Mademoiselle.

Genuine escort reviews website

The escort industry is very competitive thats why these review platforms have an important role. Which is filter fake agencies, doggy independent girls and others frauds. Punternet has become a very popular site among London clientele. It is a very strict website with which feedback they publish, they have a system in place which turn down all false reviews. Quite often independent escort girls try to write about themselves. I think Punterlink is a sister Punternet website and it is an expert at selecting genuine escort feedbacks. Moreover, this site has a directory, forum, photo gallery so you will not have doubts about checking up on the right person.

How to write a review?

I always recommend giving feedback about the escort over the phone to the agency receptionist. Another way is to write an email. Whichever way you prefer, always let us know when you had a booking and escort name. We at Mademoiselle agency are not publishing escorts reviews on the website. The reason is that we cooperate with only these escort girls who are professional and meet our client’s expectations.
If you decide to write a review on one of the platforms, which specialise in UK escort reviews there are few rules. Firstly, avoid using vulgar language. Use the review website which allows you to add a link to the girl’s website. Often girls using different names while working for few escort agencies.
Lastly, please bear in mind that a very bad review can ruin the career of the escort. The result will prevent her from getting more work and make an income. In conclusion, please make sure your reviews are 100% genuine.

Great escort reviews

I would suggest every client give some sort of feedback to the girl or escort agency. However, I would advise you not to write nice general reviews on any platforms out of politeness. The general review that the girl was nice does not help anyone to get a picture of the model. Great escort reviews are specific, detail and honest. It does not have to be an erotic review.

Bad reviews
I understand that our top clientele does not want to give us bad reviews. Nevertheless, I always encourage every single client to provide feedback after the meeting. We are a high-class escort agency and bad feedback help us select the best performing escorts and helps girls to improve themselves. Moreover, I would much better hear a bad review about the Madeloiselle model than read about it on the UK escort reviews external website.

UK Escort Reviews
Where you can find reviews about Mademoiselle escort girls?

The answer is simple we do not place any reviews on the website. Although I am not saying that might charge in the future. At the moment you can give us a call and we will advise the best escort model that will suit your preferences. Always tell us what are you looking for in terms of look, personalities and escort services. Our Mademoiselle team is aiming to provide the best escort service. And if we feel we can not satisfy your needs we will tell you that in advance.

Mademoiselle London escort agency is a new trendy booking escort agency with the best selection of new escort models.

Escorts in South Kensington

New additions to the Mademoiselle gallery

We are pleased to announce that we have some new additions to our stunning Mademoiselle escort gallery. Below are a few descriptions of new escorts in South Kensington you would not like to miss. All their profiles are published in our gallery. However selfies and videos are available on request to our regular clients.

All-natural, young and playful Isa

This sweet young Bazilian beauty just arrived in London and decided to become a VIP escort girl. Isa offers her incall service in Emperors Gate SW7. Also available for outcall in Central London Zone 1 and Zone 2. Isa can travel around the UK but can not travel internationally.
Mademoiselle Isa loves meeting nice gentlemen and she can be the perfect party girl for hire. Fun and pleasure to be around with a lot of girlfriend experience. If you looking for a young pretty girl, full of energy and curious about life Isa is your girl.

escorts in South Kensington
escorts in South Kensington

Exclusive escort Mademoiselle Faith

This stunning looking escort model is a treasure to have on board. Originally from New Zealand, she works as a professional model in London. This blonde bombshell is an all-natural, intelligent and classy young lady. Very motivated, professional with excellent people skills.
It a quite possible she will be one of our favourite Mademoiselle escort girls. Have faith that booking Faith will be the best meeting you will ever have. We highly recommend our new escort star for dinner dates, international travels. You can be sure that Faith will be an asset for any occasion. Moreover, Top Mademoiselle model Faith is available for incall services in the SW7 area and can travel worldwide. Her favourite destination is Paris and Milan.

Very open-minded Victoria

Mademoiselle Victoria has just come back to us after a long break in her homeland, San Paulo. Although the Mademoiselle agency specialises in young models, high-end mature escorts can be a true gem. Firstly, Victoria has a lot of experience in the escort industry, she is very open-minded with excellent feedback. She can be a perfect girl for couples, parties and overnights.
Finally, she’s got a perfect physique and loves exercise and she will be happy to teach you all kinds of delightful things and activities!
In her spare time, she is a yoga and English teacher.

High-class escort in West End

Aphrodite is another Mademoiselle recent addition. This Italian girl is 23 years old and she’s ready for all kinds of adventure. This young lady truly shines with an all-natural physique, baby face and charm. Mademoiselle Aphrodite loves to learn about new things and get to know people on a more intimate level. She enjoys listening to music, shopping and keeping her body in shape by attending the gym around five days per week. Beautiful Aphrodite is available for outcalls to 5-star hotels and incall in her South Kensington apartment on Queens Gate. Sensual, caring she’s an absolute giver with an excellent escort review.

Playboy model Jessica

A published international playboy model has been on Playboy covers in Brazil, Portugal, Italy and Argentina. This sexy bunny is open-minded, loves adrenaline and can not be missed at any party. Well known in Brazil as ‘peladona’ meaning naked for getting naked at the airport in San Paulo. Wearing only a paint body outside Westminster parliament was published in many UK magazines.
Mademoiselle Jessica is the best party girl and the most professional mistress in London. She has a selection of lingeries and loves dancing and role-playing. Latin beauty has perfect curves, her breast size is 34DD, long beautiful blonde hair and beautiful face. She is available for escorts services in her apartment in South Kensington.

Tantric masseuse Rose

Rose is a dream come true for any man who is looking for a call girl who will make all sexual dreams come true. Beautiful Middles eastern escort with olive skin and beautiful Arabic face is very open-minded. She offers a wide range of escort services from Tantric massage, Nuru, prostate, Hot rock, OWO, 69, FK, Party girl, DUO, GFE, COB, MFF, Striptease, Travel Companion, Lap dancing, Fetish to vanilla, Couples, Light domination, Spanking giving and receiving. Furthermore, her wardrobe is rich in sexy lingeries, sexy dresses, stockings, suspender belts, high heels, fetish and PVC, Latex outfits.

Victoria secret model Pauline

High-end escort model Pauline just join our exclusive escort agency to spice up her life in London. Publish professional model is tall, slender, well mannered with an amazing fashion taste. This gorgeous girl is perfect for intimate meetings or any type of social gathering. On request for Mademoiselle regular clients, she is available for incall service in her South Kensington apartment.

Mademoiselle is proud to have such an excellent selection of escorts in South Kensington. All of our females are hand-picked and chosen based on their look, personalities and girlfriend experience. We carefully collect escort reviews to satisfy our top clientele. Among all the Central London locations our most popular girls are South Kensington escorts.