Escorts in Soho

Escorts in Soho are an icon for the London sex industry. Soho is famous for being a red-light district or pleasure district. There is a high concentration of sex workers and sex-orientated businesses like sex shops, strip clubs and massage parlours. Although, Soho red-light district, is internationally known and one of the main tourist attractions of London, it was not like this before. As the research says, the first brothel was opened in 1778. And since the 19th century, it was home to street prostitutes, male prostitutes and secret gay venues. By the early 1960s, there were RED LIGHTS everywhere. Every entrance seemed to be a strip club, whorehouse, sex cinema or sex shop selling magazines and sex home movies. The general public was avoiding this area. It meant that whoever was there, was either providing some sex-related services or were looking for some excitement. 

Soho escorts

Let’s talk about the present moment because we have some most amazing VIP escorts in Soho. Most Soho escorts are English escort girls who think it is amazing to be part of the history and provide high-end escort services in such a place. I must say that I love Soho for its uniqueness. If you never explored this area you do not know what you are missing. Quite often I felt like I was back in time. Because there is Soho community that is making sure Soho does not change much. Nevertheless, they can not stop the time. Certainly, they can not stop mainstream companies open shops, restaurants and high-end boutiques. Also, the gay community feels comfortable in Soho because it is so camp. 

An Escort agency in Soho

Wouldn’t it be great if we could operate as the Escort agency in Soho? We could be regarded as a high-end Soho walk-up. Just imagine the Mademoiselle brothel building on Brewers street, with a huge entrance sign ‘HIGH-CLASS MODELS INSIDE‘ :). 

Red paper walls with Madame Bella at the reception would be a must. Not to mention, you could pick your favourite Soho escort in person. 

How about that???


Interesting concept from movies but in truth, we have a tiny selection of elite escorts in Soho. Usually, our British girls move there for a short period of time, mainly just for fun. Mademoiselle escort agency operates as an online companionship booking agency and does not provide Soho walk-up. Also, our escort agency is not involved in arranging models accommodations. 

  • The Soho walk-up were flats in Soho, that were used by female sex workers for the purposes of prostitution. Often they were located on the upper floors, above shops and accessed by a staircase from the entrance on the street.  

Bulgarian escorts

I must admit, Bulgarian escorts are modern, outstanding looking women. Also, young Bulgarian women are pretty badass, independent, down to earth. Moreover, they are ready to serve men in any way possible. I must say, unfortunately for Bulgarian escort models. They have a bad rap in England. Why is that? There are places in the poorest parts of London. Where young girls from Bulgaria sell their escort services on the street. Although most of these girls have a Romanian Gypsy background. However, today we are going to focus on high class Bulgarian escorts.

Genuine high class Bulgarian escorts

Mademoiselle elite escorts from Bulgaria are beautiful, confident and professional. Firstly, these young ladies are well educated. Also, well mannered and quite often speak a few foreign languages fluently. Moreover, Bulgarian escorts, like their Latin girlfriends are very sexy. I mean girls with the curves in the right place. They may be based in London but can very well find themselves in Paris, New York or Dubai. Lastly, the most elite Bulgarian companions are available for international escort booking.

Top Mademoiselle’s Bulgarian models

Our escort agency in well known in the escort industry, for having the best London and international escort models. Therefore, we make the efforts to recruit the most beautiful women from all ethnicities. But, also ladies who are passionate about clients satisfaction and a tailored-made experience. Our Bulgarian escorts are not different. Because, they are very passionate, dedicated and ambitious in the escort business. In conclusion, they are in high demand among our clients who are accustomed to the very best.

The best escort ladies from the Balkans

Let me introduce Odetta. If you are asking? Yes she is our best Southeastern European escort. It was interesting to learn, that Bulgaria is a cultural melting pot with Greek, Slavic, Ottoman, and Persian influences. Therefore, she has an exotic look and passion for dance and social events. Mademoiselle Odetta enjoys her life in London to the fullest. Like a child she is curious about everything and everyone. Very open-minded and adventurous. I highly recommend her, as a perfect dinner date or naughty girl. Mademoiselle escort agency had the privilege to welcome her when she arrived in London. Also, we immediately knew, she is the one.

Elite London escorts

Mademoiselle’s Elite London escorts are usually available for last-minute meetings. However, some of our high-class girls, are booked with a great deal of advance notice. In particular, the ones who provide companionship service to upscale events and international trips. For that reason, our prestigious London escort agency team recommends regular and new clients to make any necessary arrangements in advance. Mademoiselle elite London escorts are elite for a reason. Having sophisticated and elite escort girls can mean turning a great experience into a magical one! We can promise you, the only experience you’ll be having with Mademoiselle girls is one that’s rife with excitement and adventure. They’re full of passion, positive energy and ready to slide into all kinds of holiday fun with you, wherever you choose to spend it.

What can I do with Top escort girls?

The foundations of elite escort services are flawless social etiquette, personal grooming and emotional intelligence. Our elite London escorts have a solid grasp of what high standards of service entail. They are articulate, socially skilled and have mastered the art of seduction. Also, they put time and effort to look the best they can. Therefore, carefully selecting outfits to match the occasion or clients requirements. Besides that, all of Mademoiselle’s elite courtesans have a lot of girlfriend experience. Maybe you are dreaming about a romantic weekend in Paris. Or a sexy dinner date, skilled in conversation. Perhaps, an open-minded and adventurous escort girl to explore roleplays is what you desire. You can be sure we have it all. It does not matter if you fancy a lady who loves parting and going clubbing. Or a sexy femdom mistress now and then.

Elite London escort agency

Once you get in touch with the Mademoiselle escort team, you will realise how simple we make the process for you to book elite London escorts . We work in the business of pleasure. And we carefully listen to every client as the devil is in the details.
Our client’s opinion is important to us. We are always looking forward to hearing about our customer experiences. There are many platforms specially designed to write escort reviews. Nevertheless, we would much appreciate the written review about our elite escort girls on Mademoiselle google business listing.

What is Escort SEO?

Escort SEO is crucial for any escort agency website or any online adult business. The term SEO refers to search engine optimisation. In other words, it means positioning your website in Google search. SEO helps the website and the business appear prominently on Google.

Why is SEO important for an adult business?

Escort SEO is extremely important! Because the global escort and adult industry is one of the largest and the most competitive online among all industries. If you are not visible online with your adult business you do not have a business. It is as simple as that. I know many escort girls, who were trying to open an agency. No longer than 6 months, they gave up the idea all together. Why? Because they were not willing to invest time in the development of the technical skills required to implement a quality SEO strategy. Also, this industry requires patience in building a strong foundation, not to expect instant gratification.

Can I do Escort SEO myslef?

It is beneficial for every escort business owner to learn how SEO works. You can hire an Escort SEO Specialist or an Adult SEO Agency. Nevertheless, if you do not know the basics. You can end up keep investing and never become visible online. I worked with many SEO Freelancers and SEO agencies. Surprisingly some of them know less about Google positioning than I do. Also, they have a huge list of clients and will not give any additional attention to your business, then necessary. That is why I highly recommend taking at least a beginner SEO course for business owners. Once you know how SEO works you will be able to evaluate the work of the Adult SEO agency or Escort SEO specialist. Positioning on Google is not Magic. It comes down to following a few simple rules and doing the work consistently.

SEO updates

Regardless of how many Google Algorithm Updates are announced. The most important things never change, so you do not need to worry about constant SEO skill development. Google aims is to stop the deliberate manipulation of search engine indexes. The changes in the Google Spider are more about what not to do and what will not work anymore. As many SEO experts and SEO companies are coming up with more clever, but risky tactics to get Google to crawl and index websites more often. Unfortunately to these SEO Gurus, Google spider is always one step ahead and it is easy to be penalised. Firstly, the most common mistake is over-optimizing your website. The second unforgivable SEO sin is creating a huge amount of spammy links. In the best-case scenario, Google will simply ignore your spammy links or fake web traffic.

Can I run an escort agency without SEO?

I think you know the answer by now. The vast majority of clients interested in escort services use Google search to point them in the right direction. If your escort agency or the independent escort profile page does not land in the search results on page 1. Then is it unlikely you will get any clients through your website. And here comes Escort SEO, which focuses on the relevant keywords rankings. In other words, search words and terms of relevance and value for your business. To rank higher than your competitions, you need to focus on your market niche. It is pointless to aim for the most popular keywords like London escorts. The best practice is to narrow your key phrases not only to the country, region or the city but a specific area like South Kensington or Knightsbridge.

When should I start with SEO?

The SEO strategy should be your priority, even before building the website. Your escort site should be designed and planned in terms of SEO. Our Mademoiselle team has years of experience in the escort industry and online marketing. This is why we constantly expanding and adding new blog posts and additional pages. Despite our vast experience in Escort SEO, we have a number of SEO specialists. As it is a never-ending and ongoing process for each and every successful and well-established escort agency. It is quite common that escort agencies are having many categories like Location, beauty type or a specific escort service. Only because visibility is a top priority for the escort industry.
Here are some examples of specially designed categories that help with online ranking.

Blonde escorts
Brunette escorts
Busty escorts
A Level escorts
Femdom escorts
Bisexual escorts
Duo escorts
Party girls
Teen escorts

How much does Adult SEO cost?

It all depends on your budget and the experience of the SEO professionals. It can be as cheap or expensive as you want it to be. However, how long you need to wait for the results can vary accordingly. Online marketing is a strategic approach with a long term focus, there are no miraculous results overnight. Quality and the most effective escort SEO will secure a stable position on Google. It can take months to bring the number of escort clients you are expecting. With sufficient time, the payoff in organic traffic and revenue can be extraordinary.

You need to take Escort SEO very seriously to become successful in escorting business. Only then you can establish a reputation within the escort industry. Bear in mind that, along with thousands of escort agencies worldwide, there are also thousands if not millions of independent sex workers. And they all aim for the same target audience. It is especially true in the countries like Switzerland, Germany and United Kingdom. Countries in which prostitution and running an escort booking agency is 100% legal.

Late night escorts

Late night escorts from the Mademoiselle escort agency is proud to offer premium escorts to clients around the clock. Our reliable late night escorts are the be-all at any time. Mademoiselle is a well respected and well established London/UK and International companionship business. This is why we have the advantage to represent the most stunning, genuine luxury London escorts. Moreover, girls who come to our elite agency first. As a result, each and every of our new glamour model escorts are exclusive only with us. Also, as a top London escort agency, we are extremely selective as to whom we represent. Because our aim is to deliver an outstanding experience for our loyal and highly respectable clients. Not to mention, we have built our reputation with unparalleled dedication. So our clients can enjoy uniquely tailored companionship experiences every time.

High end late night escorts London

If it is a quality, you are after and you would like to meet beautiful woman at night or early morning, then Mademoiselle is the escort agency for you. Above all, if you do not accept anything less than the best, then our Late night escorts are the types you were searching for all your life. Don’t think for a moment that if you are making last-minute escort arrangements late at night you need to compromise. Our elite late night escorts all have been hand-picked to ensure that we have the type of escort for every type of man.

Glamorous late nigh escort model

Firstly, we would like to introduce our new addition to the Late night escorts category. Her name is Francesca and she is an international catwalk model. Recently joined our exclusive agency. Currently, she is fully available, day and night, for meetings in Central London only. This gorgeous looking lady has a class, beauty and a lot of girlfriend experience. Because she is more of a night person, do not be shy asking about her late at night.

Sophisticated, curious, hot English blondie

Dorothy is our new hot blonde English escort girl who is doing her master degree in the City. This young English girl can be your party girl or the most loving dinner date. This beautiful English chic has a spellbinding effect on men. Dorothy has everything you would require from a high-class companion and her service is second to none. Originally from Gloucestershire, and because she studies social anthropology, she enjoys meeting people from different cultures and walks of life

Romanian beautiful goddess

Madeleine is a Romanian escort girl in London. She is only 20 years old, with a baby face and a slender, all-natural body. During the day a student at the University of Westminster and during the night, high class and elite escort girl. Exclusively represented by our high-end escort agency she became our number one escort among all late night escorts. Finally, this young beautiful goddess enjoys her escorting job greatly.

Late night escort agency

If you would like to know more about the Mademoiselle late night escorts do not hesitate to contact our team any time as we operate 24/7.

Polish escorts are adventurous and passionately driven.

Polish escorts in London seem western in a lot of ways. However, they are much more reserved and polite than most of the girls from the west. Although Polish girls are well known for being the whole package in the bedroom, they shun immorality in every way. In addition to their gorgeous looks, you will find them to be adventurous and passionately driven. Moreover, Polish London escorts are classy, well-dressed and well behaved. But very engaging and fun during the one to one meetings. In terms of look, they can be blonde with blue or brunette with brown eyes. The only thing in common is their pale skin, elegance and grace. 

How open-minded are Polish escorts in London?

Although Polish girls seem to be cold at first, they know the art of seduction. Girls from Poland are known in London for being very open-minded. You can be sure that all Polish women know sex slag and offer a wide range of escort services. Based on the feedback we receive from our clients, Polish escorts are at the top for being the sexiest and naughty companions. 

High-class Polish Mademoiselles

At Mademoiselle, we handpick all our ladies, and constantly searching for new models from all over the world. Escort girls with Polish roots are highly regarded among Mademoiselle clientele. It is very likely that most of them you can find in our high-class and elite category. Although these young ladies are not famous in London, often they are Polish celebrities.

VIP Polish escort

Michelle is a model looking escort girl and the most popular among Polish escorts. She is 5’8 tall with long shiny blonde hair and blue eyes. It is not a surprise that many clients think that she is an English girl. Well-spoken, know table etiquette she is an asset for any occasion. She carries herself with grace and elegance. Do not be shy and fooled by innocent look! Michelle has a wardrobe full of sexy uniforms, toys and lingerie. 

Hot and sexy Bombshell 

Klaudia is one of our high-end Polish escorts. She is only 22 years old but has travelled to 50 countries and can hold a conversation almost on any subject. This smart young lady offers her companionship services in London, New York and Paris. She loves reading and meditation in her spare time. Whenever she can she visit animal sanctuaries and shelters to feed and look after unwanted animals. 

Polish student companion girl

Erica is a sweet and lovely 20 years old student who loves meeting new people. She is blonde, petite with curves in the right place. She studies medicine because she loves helping people. Erica likes adrenaline and loves trying new things, as she says I can try everything at least once. 

Although Mademoiselle is a high-end boutique escort agency. It can not resist adding new gorgeous women who come its way. That’s why you can find new escort categories every week, full of new stunning looking girls and ladies.

Mature escorts

Mature escorts are popular among men who appreciate ladies experience in the escort industry. These mature escort ladies, like a fine wine, improve with age. 35 or 40 years old ladies have seen, heard and learned more than a few escort tricks. When you book a classy mature girl, at Mademoiselle you will receive impeccable treatment and excellent service. That’s why Mademoiselle older escorts are sophisticated ladies who are professional and love what they do.

How to book classy mature escorts?

35 years old women have vast experience in the sex industry. They intuitively know how to satisfy man all sexual needs. That’s why they are in high demand among men who had a least one experience with an older lady. How is it possible that some men consciously choosing older ladies over 20 years old girls? Often mature escorts are more energetic, passionate and caring than their younger girlfriends. Booking classy mature escorts through Mademoiselle is simple. You can either give us a call or fill in our booking form. However we are always recommend to give us a call if you would like to make a booking within 48 hours.

I had the best girlfriend experience ever with an older lady!

Mademoiselle goal is to provide the best escort experience. For that reason, client satisfaction is our priority. We at Mademoiselle carefully selecting and collecting feedbacks about every lady we represent. After years of experience in the escort business we have notice an interesting pattern. That mature escorts receiving the best escort reviews in terms of services. Moreover, these ladies are the most sensual and the best in creating a trustful and safe space.

How to select well experienced older escorts on the Mademoiselle website?

We have a few, carefully selected mature escorts available. Because we know mature escort clients are looking for a unique experince. For sure these clients are not looking for just another, good looking girl. That is why we have a special system in place to search for the finest middle age ladies. These wise and experinced ladies are classy, sophisticated with an excellent social skills. You can find some of these marvelous ladies in the following categories:

South Kensington escorts
Ebony escorts
Femdom mistress
Russian escorts Escort Services

Ever wonder what meeting an older woman is like?

Also according to porn sites statistics, mature women categories is in the top 10 categories. It seems that most of the young men have a fatansy of having sex with much older woman. But the common mistake men make regarding older women from real life, is that they are boring in bed. In fact, you will be blown away by services they provide and how creative and caring they can be. When it comes to things you can do with Mademoiselle mature escorts are practically limitless.

Pioneer escort agency in London

Mademoiselle escort agency is famous for being a Top London escort provider. Our ladies are the best looking who are professional and loves what they do. We are not the most expensive, however we can not say we represet cheap escorts. Futhermore, we are always making sure that Mademoiselle escort girls are well paid for an excellent service.

Outcall Escorts

If you are looking for an escort to accompany you on an international trip, to a corporate event or to meet you in a hotel, you need an outcall escort. Whether you are looking for companionship on a lonely evening or you need someone to entertain you during a trip abroad, a beautiful outcall escort is the ideal choice. Not only are outcall escort girls charming, gorgeous and beautiful to look. But they are intelligent, funny and great company. Also, outcall escorts are there whenever you need them, from meetings in hotel rooms to romantic spa breaks. 

Outcall Escorts in London

Outcall escorts are available for meetings in five star hotels, such as The Dorchester and The Mayfair. And who wouldn’t want to enhance their luxury stay in London with the company of a beautiful woman? You can sit back, relax and let a fabulous outcall escort satisfy your every need.

If you are heading abroad and you need someone to keep you company, invite a top outcall escort. Outcall escorts are commonly taken on international trips as a companion. Or someone to help you enjoy your time away and someone to share the trip with. They provide a fun, flirty and sexy side to any holiday, business trip or short break. You can also count on outcall escorts to accompany you on trips elsewhere in the UK. For example, an outcall escort can join you on a business trip to Oxford or on a weekend away in Cambridge.

The UK’s Finest Companionship services

When it comes to choosing an elite companion lady, you are sure to want the best and you won’t be disappointed. There really is an escort for everyone, regardless of who or what you are looking for. If you are looking for an outcall escort who is young and petite, that is exactly what you will get. If you are looking for a girlfriend for hire who is busty and curvy, you can choose from a wide range of gorgeous women. Blonde or brunette, tall or short, cheeky or demure, the perfect woman for you is out there.

What my high end escort lady will be wearing? 

As outcall escorts have impressive wardrobes and endless outfits, they can join you for any occasion. Having a huge selection of bikinis, sexy uniforms, girl next door clothes and evening dresses means an outcall escort is the perfect plus one at any time. For them, it’s all about looking the part and dressing to impress. This is why you will find outcall escorts with designer clothes and shoes. Chanel, Louboutin, Gucci and Dior are the norm – as it reflects the high quality and unmatched escort service they provide. Moreover, when you choose an outcall escort, you are sure to get more than you bargained for. In conclusion, luxury, high class and elegance are guaranteed. 

Outcall Escorts Available Now

Finally, there is no need to wait before contacting our elite escort agency. Not when so many beautiful ladies are available right now. Whether you need company for one night or a travel companion for much longer, an outcall escort is the ideal choice.

English Escorts

There are a lot of reasons to choose English escorts, such as their beauty and culture. Which is why they are some of the most popular girls. English girls in London are not simply standard escorts, they are escorts with class and sophistication. They go above and beyond to impress you with their looks, intelligence and conversation skills. They are smart, funny and you won’t find better company anywhere else. Whether you are looking for company on a lonely evening or someone to accompany you to an important function, an English escort is sure to leave you wanting more. 

English Escorts in London

If you are looking for English women in London, you are in luck as there are certainly a number of beautiful women to choose from. Whether you are looking for a gorgeous young woman or a more mature babe, you will not be short of choice. You will find UK born escorts in London that are blonde and brunette, tall and short, curvy and petite, and everything in between. Whether you are heading to a lively party with friends or you are in the mood for a date night, an English escort is the perfect person to have on your arm. You can count on them to transform any evening into one to remember. If it’s a sexy English babe that you are looking for, it’s a sexy English babe that you will get. Trust us, there is a reason why English escorts are renowned for their sexy service and unbeatable sophisticated company.

English girls

One of the great things about homegrown UK escorts is how many types of women are available. There really is something to suit everyone’s tastes, preferences and desires. Regardless of what you are looking for in a woman, you are sure to find it by searching for English escorts in London. All you need to do is choose the English escort that takes your fancy and you’ll be enjoying an intimate, sensual and sexy evening with them in no time at all. Sit back, relax and enjoy spending time with a gorgeous young woman.

Beautiful English women

It’s easy to see why English London escorts are so popular, when you consider their beauty and culture. They know how to be sexy, yet sophisticated. Also, they know how to be flirty, yet fun. Finally, they know how to work the room, enjoy an occasion and impress others. When you choose one of our fantastic English escorts in London, you will quickly see what all the fuss is about. 

Spend time with them alone in your hotel room, or take them out to dinner. Take them along to a work function, or invite them as a plus one on a business trip. There’s a reason why British escorts are so popular and you are about to find out for yourself. To find out more about English escorts or to pair up with a sexy babe near you tonight, browse who is available at Mademoiselle escort agency

Erotic Massage Near Me

There is no denying the appeal of an erotic massage near me. Especially if you are feeling the need to be intimate with a gorgeous woman. An erotic massage provides the perfect excuse to lay back, relax and enjoy everything your chosen escort masseuse has to offer. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the massage, knowing that a beautiful woman is working her magic on you.

Relaxing after a hard day at the office is never easy, nor is relaxing after a busy day of socialising with friends, families or colleagues. However, searching for an ‘erotic massage near me’ could be all it takes to leave you feeling satisfied and completely at ease. Simply choose your dream woman – there are tonnes to choose from, something for everyone’s desires – and let her take care of you from head to toe. Do you want something extra special? Don’t be afraid to ask for it. 

In Call Erotic Massage Near Me Services

There are a lot of different types of massage out there. But why would you choose anything other than an erotic massage near me? Erotic massages offer a whole other level of intimacy, relaxation and enjoyment between you and a stunning escort woman. Not only are you releasing stress and relaxing, but you know that a beautiful woman has her hands on you and is solely focused on you, your body and your needs. Erotic massages are sensual and sexy, which is why they are the first choice for many of our clients. 

Regardless of what you are looking for, you will be able to find an erotic massage that works for you. Nuru, sexy masseuse, soft, full body or focused on a specific area, long or short. Simply search for an elite escort masseuse, and you will be spoiled for choice. There really is a tantric massage experience that you are sure to love. We are sure you’ll be desperate for more. Thanks to on incall services, you can enjoy body to body massage whenever and wherever you want one. It doesn’t matter if you are at home or staying in a hotel, in the city on business or you call  London your home, an erotic massage can be on its way to you in no time at all. 

Find Tantric Massage Near Me

A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that it’s difficult to find tantric message near me. But this is not the case. Although, there are a lot of people offering erotic massage services, many of whom are in London and the surrounding areas. Once you have chosen your escort or masseuse of choice. You can relax knowing that on call escort massage services are coming your way. Whether it’s a lazy morning or a dark evening, erotic massages are always an option. Every erotic massage is tailored to you, so you are guaranteed an experience that ticks every box. Whether you want something slow and sensual, or something a little more rough and ready, an erotic massage won’t disappoint. Finally, to find out more about booking an escort masseuse by getting in touch with Mademoiselle escort agency